Web Analytics

webiquity.co is distinguished from many other web development and marketing firms by our intensive measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web analytics. This intelligence is the foundation of everything we do.

Not only do we measure website traffic but we use web analytics data for business and market research. We help you understand how best to compete on the web: by achieving high search engine rank, by making you popular through social media, by pulling everything together to create a magnetic inbound marketing machine.

webiquity.co focus on both categories of web analytics: off-site and on-site. And we add social analytics too.

On-site web analytics

On-site web analytics measure a visitor's activities once they land on your website. We look at how visitors navigate through your website, and whether they convert. Conversions can be anything from making a purchase to submitting a simple "contact us" form. We evaluate these web analytics to fully understand whether your website is performing to your business goals, and - if not - how to improve.

Off-site web analytics

Off-site web analytics involves measuring your potential audience (opportunity), share of voice (visibility), buzz (comments), and popularity (inlinks). webiquity.co understands how to elevate your web visibility by optimizing all of these factors.

Social analytics

Social media analytics is crucial, especially for building goodwill and collecting and processing customer feedback. webiquity.co evaluates and makes recommendations based on how you perform against your peers and competitors in social media. We combine these insights with off-site web analytics to make very specific recommendations on how you can best leverage social media.

Analytics Drives Action

webiquity.co doesn't only analyze your web analytics. We also analyze the web analytics of your peers and competitors so that we have insights based on quantitative analysis, and these insights will assure that we can help you achieve best-in-class performance.
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