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If you want to decrease the cost of customer acquisition by transforming your website from brochure-ware into a true lead generation and sales engine, then you will want to learn more about webiquity.co.

webiquity.co understands that your prospective customers must be able to find you on the Web. And that even if they do find you, your website has only about 10 seconds to motivate these visitors to learn more.

That’s why webiquity.co doesn’t simply develop attractive websites. We analyze, conceive, architect, design, and deploy highly-visible websites that convert visitors into leads.

Inbound Marketing Begins with Unique Content and a Distinguished Context

Through our distinctively comprehensive approach – including on-site, off-site, and keyword analyses – webiquity.co constructs a laser-sharp, efficient development plan focused on the essential activities that will rank you higher than your competitors in search results. We concentrate on ABCs of a winning design – Architecture, Backlinks, and Content – to help search engines find you. That way, whenever someone searches for a product or service a company like yours sells, your website has a greater likelihood of being their first click.

Keywords Are the New Brand Identity

As much as a logomark or tagline identifies your business, so too do the words you use to describe it. Critical to search engine visibility are the top 20 to 50 words that describe your distinct competitive advantage. Our competitive and cohort assessments isolate the keywords that will place you above your competitors in search engine results, and our expertise in developing SEO content based on those keywords ensures that prospective customers will find your website on the first search engine results page.

Build It Properly, and They Will Come

A highly-visible website is the product of many, technically complex methodologies – from well-formed XHTML and CSS and an XML sitemap to an efficient content architecture, unique content, distinguished context, keyword strategy, and an elegant, engaging yet simple user experience. Unfortunately, many web developers still do not attend to these fundamentals: failing to use H1 tags for keyword emphasis, forgetting to submit the sitemap.xml to each search engine, not understanding the importance of redirects, ignoring meta tags, embedding images without “alt text” tags, and more. webiquity.co not only understands how to create a world-class website, we guarantee to integrate these fundamentals in every website with which we're involved.

A Good Website Isn’t Enough

With the advent of social search – whereby search engines index and produce in search results content found on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook – achieving top rank is also a function of whether search engines can find your unique content on such websites. As fundamental as on-site optimization is, so too is off-site optimization. Our analyses identify opportunities for links from others’ websites to yours – known as backlinks or inbound links – so that prospective visitors can find you wherever they spend their time.

We Call This Web Ubiquity™

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